Introducing the Egg Fast Mix and Match Menu Pack!

Because of high demand from my readers, I've made a brand new 16 page Egg Fast guide that is super easy to follow even if you have never done Keto or the Egg Fast before!

Get the new MIX and MATCH Egg Fast plan to blast through that plateau and maximize your results!

Here's what you get:

  • Mix and Match Egg Fast Plan that does all the math for you. (Plus you get a bonus DAIRY FREE plan!)
  • Blast through that weight loss plateau without having to figure out complicated rules, just follow the plan! THEN follow the Transition plan laid out for you to get back to or kick start your new Keto lifestyle. (Includes all the easiest recipes and shopping list to start fast!)
  • Whip your body back into fat burning mode WITHIN DAYS! (Never feel like you're DOING IT WRONG because all the math and decisions have been done for you!)